Banja Luka City Tour will give you an experience of diverse cultures that have interrelated in the area!

You will visit many sights which are witnesses of various historic periods and human creativity, from the Roman and Slavic , through Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, all the way to a modern time.

Banja Luka is the second-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it’s located in the north-western part of the country.  The city is famous for its beautiful nature, rich history, and cultural heritage, therefore an excellent combination of urban and outdoor tourism.  If you’re planning a city break to Banja Luka, here are some things you shouldn’t miss: the medieval fortress “Kastel”, Ferhadija Mosque, Museum of Republic of Srpska and Krajina Square. Enjoy strolling through Gospodska Street for its vibrant atmosphere and explore the local markets to immerse yourself in the city’s daily life. You will also see Orthodox Church “Christ The Savior”, Monument to Ban Milosavljević, Ban’s Government and Ban’s Court, National Theatre, Museum of Contemporary Art, Park Petar Kočić, etc..

We have created a set of day and multi-day tours that provide you with an ideal and hassle-free ways to explore the wider region of Banja Luka, called Krajina.

Banja Luka Outdoor

For the best experience of Banja Luka, in addition to visiting the heart of the city take time to relax surrounded by nature. Adventure seekers can engage in activities like hiking or climbing, and if you prefer water adventures, you have one of the best location just outside of Banja Luka. On Vrbas river you can experience rafting, kayak, or dayak with licensed skippers.

Rural Eco Toursim

The Vrbas River Canyon or exploring the Jajce and Pliva River, are always good ideas for day or multi-day trips from Banja Luka to the wider Krajina region. Enjoy staying in private accommodation and meeting with locals.  This region with its rivers and lakes provide a picturesque setting for outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, mount biking …

Cultural Tours Around Banja Luka

Banja Luka and the wider region of Krajina offers a rich cultural experience that allows you days and days of research and every time to discover something new. Visit the Kastel Fortress for historical insights or Museum of Contemporary Art for a dose of modern culture. There are Full Day Tours from Banja Luka to Jajce, Travnik, River Pliva & Vrbas, National Parks Kozara or Una. Orthodox monastery Gomionica is a beautiful example of medieval orthodox architecture, located 42 km from Banja Luka. Gomionica is monastery for women, only one in Bosanska Krajina. Pleasant nuns will gladly talk with you and offer you coffee and brandy, traditional welcome. Visit catholic monastery – Maria Stern Convent, just outside of Banja Luka, as monks are always glad to meet with guests and talk about history of their monastery.

Wine Tasting Experiences Around Banja Luka

Although Herzegovina is the most famous wine-growing region in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Krajina region near Banja Luka has something to be proud of when it comes to high-quality wine production.

If you have time for a full day tour, book your trip with combination of a visit to the beautiful canyon of the river Vrbas and some of the best local wineries in the Banja Luka region. Engage in wine tastings and enjoy the serene vineyard landscapes while savoring the diverse flavors of Banja Luka’s wines.